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An Effective Relief Society Newsletter

When I was serving as secretary in our local Relief Society, up until two weeks ago, one of my responsibilities was to send out our weekly newsletter to the sisters in our ward. Our president came upon a great service called MadMimi. It is an online newsletter service with an easy to use creation dashboard, and a clean, streamlined appearance to the actual newsletters. Here is a screenshot sampling of what our weekly newsletter looks like...
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We are able to add all our sisters' email addresses and it sends the newsletter straight to their email.  I have had a few people ask me about the headings we use.  I created them in photoshop and have included them for download. The folder includes all the section headings as well as headings for each month's birthdays, and the cover of the current Teachings of the Presidents of the Church.

Click HERE to download the entire folder.

**I do not have any affiliation or sponsorship from It is just a great website/service!


The Magic of the Front Porch

I officially have a new favorite place to take pictures of my front porch. The light there is truly magical. Happy Monday!


Just One More

Little Lady is Almost 3!

 And this picture is a few months old but I love it!

Birthday Boy

I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone.  This little man will be one just around the corner!

Baby Kate

I was going through my photo backup and found this little lady that is already 2!  Better late than never right?


100 Dresses

This past week we had our Relief Society Birthday Party.  Our theme was "The Hundred Dresses", based on the children's novel.
We circulated 5 copies of the book through the sisters in a hope that everyone could read it prior to the party.

Our color scheme for the party was based off a vintage pattern I found on Google and used on the invitation.


I found a pink polka dot wrapping paper in the cheap-o section at Michaels for $1.50 a roll, so I picked up two not knowing how I would use it.  I'm glad I got it because that is the only thing we ended up having to spend money on for decor!  I used it to make the flags for the bunting that hung around the whole room as well as place mats.

 One of our sisters made this DARLING cupcake dress for dessert.

 I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out polka dot dresses to hang from the lantern cluster.
The lanterns I had from my daughter's nursery in our old house and from my brother's wedding a few years back. All the black frames and yellow flowers were from my OTHER brother's wedding this past fall. (Thank you Mom for living so close!)
Everything else was stuff that I had in my house that I repurposed for the party. :)

 To add some color and height we just filled vases with pink water.
Do you spy one cute baby boy through that water? No need for rose colored glasses with that one!

This is the whole dessert table prior to the cupcakes being delivered.
Our gospel application of the story was the scripture from Matthew 25:38-40:
"When saw we thee...naked and clothed thee?...Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

Our focus was in working on loving people NOW instead of judging, etc. and remembering that when we serve one another we are serving our Savior.

I, along with the rest of the presidency, were party of the program. I include my message here, not because I think it is amazing or anything, but I have it.
Find my talk HERE.
The real highlight of the program was that 5 sisters were invited to bring a dress that was special to them, and share it with the group.  One brought a blessing dress crocheted by her mother, another a blessing dress that was made from her grandmother's wedding dress that all the girls in her family have worn.  One sister brought the dress she wore to her high school graduation, the first non-clearance or hand-me-down dress she ever got, and one brought the dress she wore to the prom with her now husband. And the last sister brought her grandmother's temple dress that she wore to her endowment.  It really was such a touching experience and I felt like I really got to know these sisters better.

In conjunction with our party we collected modest dresses to donate to an organization called Destiny House.  Being in Las Vegas, there is a big problem with human trafficking.  Destiny House is a place that supports women that have escaped this lifestyle and help the get a fresh start.  We are so excited to help these women.

Overall, our party was a great success.  It was a wonderful evening of sisterhood, yummy food, service, and fellowship.